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Providing a Competitive Advantage in the Cost, Quality and Availability of Fresh Produce

Over a decade ago, Manny Costa and a group of 5 leading produce distributors founded PRO*ACT. Their mission, to pool their collective purchasing power in order to provide their customers with a competitive advantage in the cost, quality and availability of fresh produce.

Today Pro*Act is 35 companies strong. Their two buying offices located in Monterey and Los Angles, California provide procurement and distribution programs to foodservice operators across America.

The Pro*Act Advantage...

  • Greater Buying Power
  • Quality and Price Forecasting
  • Quality Assurance & Grower Certification
  • Produce Contracting

Costa Fruit & Produce - 18 Bunker Hill Industrial Park - Boston, MA 02129
Phone: (617) 241-8007 Fax: (617) 241-8718
For Correspondence: P.O. Box 290574 Boston, MA 02129