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Manny Costa Sr.


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Manny Costa Sr.


Ana Costa speaks at charity event.






Manny Costa and Julia Child are inducted into the NRA Hall of Fame.
December 2000
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Innovator of the Year Award
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Costa’s New Environmentally Friendly Fleet

Manny Costa with Brian Silbernman, President of the PMA and Peter Christie, President of the MRA

Some of the main speakers at the Food Safety Symposium on produce include: Manny Costa, Andrea Fontaine, Lisa Berger, and Peter Christie.

Mayor Thomas Menino presenting Manny Costa with the Boston Green Business Award.

Ana Costa with Manny Costa and Mayor Thomas Menino.

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"A Legacy of Excellence"

Manuel Costa Sr. Born in Cambridge MA.

Parents move back to Azores Islands where MC Sr. is raised in a small fishing village

MC Sr. returns to America, eighteen years old with little formal education.

MC Sr. promoted to head produce buyer for Miller Produce (later to become Flagstaff), learns English Language at night banging away at typewriter after hours at the market.

MC Sr. Leaves Miller to form partnership with Bill O’connell. O’connell and Costa established: major trade is supplying WWII warships with produce.

The war ends and O’Connell and Costa, with supporting war trade, file for bankruptcy. Company re-sets up on Marginal Street across from Quincy Market.

The next day, MC Sr. Starts Costa Fruit & Produce and eventually sets up shop on Central wharf. Over the next few years, although not legally obligated, Sr. repays all former vendors from prior business venture.

Worker leaves gas stove on and Central Pier facility burns down. No insurance collected due to cited negligence on worker’s part.

Ana Storlazzi lends MC S. fifteen thousand dollars to buy a new facility, and a one hundred and forty year old brick, wood beamed structure on congress street. Anna had saved the money since she was 16, working for forty dollars a week as a lingerie buyer at Jordan marsh. Ana later says, “It was the best investment I ever made.

MC Sr. weds Ana Storlazzi

Manuel R. Costa Born. Meet the new Boss!

MC Sr. produces first commercial fruit salad and tells wife Ana, If we can only sell a hundred gallons a week that will mean 285 dollars!

Meanwhile Ana invest wisely in the stock market and becomes extremely active in a number of charities.

Costa gains excellent reputation for quality and service and by 1971 sales approach 2 million per year. During this period, Costa begins processing salads and coleslaw in addition to its fruit salad product. Names processing company Costa Tru-Fruit.

MC Jr. Graduates from Boston University. Father asked what his son plans to do. Son responds, “take some time off, perhaps see the world.” Father responds, “while you make up your mind, you're going to work tomorrow.” MC Jr. joins Costa full-time, selecting company orders.

Founder Manny Costa passes away.

Already planned company move to Charlestown, MA takes place.

Flagstaff Foods claim bankruptcy and Costa forms partnership with key staff to introduce canned and frozen foods to customer base.

Costa establishes Greenhouse Gourmet in an effort to supply customer with specialty fruit & vegetables

Costa joins EMCO, at the time: Code

Costa Introduces new logo in memory of father. The logo depicts Sr. as a child, supporting 8 siblings and mother by purchasing produce from farmer and selling it to villages. “Our true beginnings in food distribution.”

Costa expands fresh-cut processing facilities in Charlestown, re-names it Fresh Ideas Inc.

Costa Fruit chosen as purveyor of the year by the Epicurean Club of Boston.

Costa and five other produce distributors decide to form a central buying office in Salinas, CA.

Costa names the venture “Pro*Act”.

Pro*Act operations begin in Salinas, CA.

MC Jr. elected chairman of the board of Pro*Act.

Costa expands office facilities by 7,000 square feet to accommodate growing business.

MC Jr. elected as Chairman of the Board of the international fresh-cut Produce Association. Host IFPA conference in Atlanta attended by over 1400 fresh-cut professionals from 18 countries.

Pro*Act grows to eleven members, gross sales exceeding five hundred million dollars per annum and becomes a major force in the produce industry.

Costa launches Salad Bar Sensations Program.

Fresh Ideas receives ‘Superior’ sanitation rating by AIB.


Costa forms new retail sales team 'Real Meal Solutions' focusing on retail salad bar and home meal replacement products.

Salad Bar Sensation program receives top honors from ID magazine as foodservice industry innovators for 1997.

Costa implements new computer network and data entry system to accommodate growing business.

Transportation launches Global Positioning Satellite system.

Pro*Act grows to eighteen members.

Pro*Act establishes new specialty buying office, Pro*Act specialties, in Los Angeles, CA.

Costa introduces new logo and packaging for Fresh Ideas division.

Costa launches on-line newsletter ‘’
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MC Jr. inducted into the NRA Hall of Fame.

Costa receives the prestigious ID Magazine, Innovators of the year award.

Selected from over 4,000 foodservice distributors nationwide, This Innovator award represents a first for a foodservice distributor primarily specializing in produce. Costa was lauded for their industry involvement, ground-breaking national initiatives, unique customer programs and company growth and reputation in the foodservice and hospitality industries.

Costa introduces ready-to-sell, ready-to-eat retail salads. – Villa Costa & Costa’s Shake-Ups.

Costa launches online ordering system. 'Fresh ExpressWay'

Costa forms new sales division. 'ChefCentral' to cater to the area's white tablecloth restaurants and hotels.

Costa launches Chef Specialty Newsletter
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Costa honored at the Epicurean Club of Boston's President's Ball with the prestigious Perpetual Purveyor Award for their support of the association and the culinary arts over the years.

Costa Launches Child Nutrition Program

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Costa Receives National Foodservice Award
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Costa Selected by Packer "Profiles in Leadership"
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Costa Launches ServSafe Food Safety Program
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In and effort to become a more environmentally conscious company, Costa Fruit & Produce has developed an internal program called "Greening Our Goods and Services"
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Massachusetts Restaurant Association Names Manny Costa, Purveyor Executive of the Year
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Costa Fruit & Produce & MRA Host Food Safety Symposium On Produce
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Mayor Thomas Menino Honors Costa Fruit & Produce with Boston Green Business Award Read Article

Ana Costa is Boston's 2009 nominee for the International Grande Dame Award

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Received Sustainable Business Leader Award

Received SQF Certification
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