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A highly specialized team of foodservice professionals dedicated to providing today's chef with the finest fresh produce and dairy.
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Our Real Meal Solutions team specializes in retail and foodservice salad bar as well as deli and home meal replacement products.
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Servicing New England

Our fleet travels as far North as Bangor, ME, as far West as Burlington, VT and as far South as Stratford, CT.


Our distribution fleet is fully refrigerated and equipped with ‘Smart’/ Digital Refers to ensure quality.

  • Delivery Fleet - 60 Fully Refrigerated 24 ft. Vehicles - 8 Tractor Trailers
  • Routing System - Roadnet 5000
  • Nextel Phone Link
  • ‘Smart’/ Digital Refers

Warehouse Operations

Our 100,000 square foot facility has dry, refrigerated, and frozen capabilities and is home to our state of the art processing division, Fresh Ideas. Both our warehouse and processing facilities operate with the highest food safety standards that include a full HACCP program and a "superior" rating from SQF
  • Square Footage - 100,000 sq. feet
  • SQF Level 2 Certified
  • HACCP Program
  • Federal & State Inspected
  • Food Security Program
  • Dry, Refrigerated and Frozen Storage
  • Specialty Produce Division
  • Salad Manufacturing Facility
  • Researcg and Development Kitchen

Costa Fruit & Produce - 18 Bunker Hill Industrial Park - Boston, MA 02129
Phone: (617) 241-8007 Fax: (617) 241-8718
For Correspondence: P.O. Box 290574 Boston, MA 02129