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Banana Leaves

Pack Size: 1lb

People in the tropics use these huge leaves to line cooking pits and to wrap everything from pigs to rice. The leaves impart a subtle anise fragrance to food and protect it while it's cooking.

Asian Specialties


Duck 4/1 Gal
Dumpling 24/13 Z
Fish 12/23 Z
Hoisin 6/5 Lbs
Hot bean 24/14 z
Hot chili 18 z
Oyster 5 lbs
Black bean garlic 24/13 z
Garlic Chili 12/13 z
Hot Chili (paste) 12/24 z
Sweet Chili 17 z jar
Plum 6/5 lb
Soy 1 GAL

Pea Shoot (Tendrils)

Delicate and delicious, the pea tendrils flavor is a cross between peas and spinach. They are delicious in salad or tossed in a stir-fry.



Asian Noodles

  • Lo Mein (Thick Fresh) - 5lb
  • Lo Mein (Thin Fresh) - 5lb
  • Thai Rice (Stick) - 30/1lb
  • Udon (Fresh) - 5 Lb
  • Pad Thai - 1lb
  • Vermicelli - 1lb

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Latin Rooted Vegetables

Jicama [Hee-ka-ma]

The white juicy meat is similar to a waterchestnut or crisp melon. Its flavor is sweat, a touch starchy and although rather bland, addictive. Great served raw and can be stir fried, baked or sautéed.



Yuca Root [YOO-ka]

Once the outer bark is removed, a Linen-white meat is revealed. Very dense in texture, the Yuca root is very starchy. Use in soups and stews to absorb moisture or as a thickener in deserts, It can be fried as fitters, baked or boiled. Use as you would potatoes.


Boniato [bou-nee-AH-tou]

A tropical version of a sweet potato, this unique vegetable embodies the flavor of a sweet potato, baking potato and chestnuts. Use as you would any potato.

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