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We appreciate that each of our customers have unique needs and operations. So, we pride ourselves on being a partner who consistently delivers top quality ingredients and the highest level of customized service.
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We partner with all types of restaurant from quick service to fine dining. By working with a produce specialist, you’ll receive the best quality and most diverse products available – Including labor saving fresh cut produce, specialty foods, locally sourced produce and more.


Our broad portfolio of products can fulfill the varied needs of hotel operations, from in-room service to event catering, and everything in between. Check out our extensive selection of top-quality produce, innovative and labor-saving solutions and specialty foods.


With many years of partnering with healthcare dining operations, we are well equipped to provide the products and service required of this unique market segment. Our portfolio of whole and pre-cut ingredients offer great solutions for a wide range of operational and dietary needs.

College & University Dining

The ability to satisfy the dining demands of today’s college students poses more challenges than ever before. Local food sourcing, satisfying dietary requirements and staying on top of evolving food trends – just name a few… We can help – Our local produce program, extensive specialty foods selection and our labor-saving Fresh Cuts are just small examples of how we can help achieve your goals.

Independent Retailers

We have served retailer throughout New England for more than 30 years. We offer an extensive fresh cut produce program that includes bulk produce, hundreds of fresh cut produce options, prepared salads, salad kits and a selection of shelf ready items that will increase sales and customer loyalty.
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Serving New England’s Most Discerning Chefs

No matter what size or type of operation, we have the portfolio of products and experienced team of produce experts to deliver what you need. Let us help you with your menu needs today.

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